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About Bounty Hunt

Bounty Hunt is a western gun duel game with a creative gameplay named flick-fire
It is a Free game, designed for Iphone, Ipad and Android mobile platforms.
As the Bounty Hunter you will be facing lots of foes that are trying
to be the winner by drawing their pistols faster than you. If you are a faster gunslinger you get to
collect their bounties and your prestige will sky rocket after each bounty you earn.


Bounty Hunt Gameplay Video

Game Features

Here are several features of Bounty Hunt

  • Easy To Play

    Game play that is easy to get into but difficult to master. This game requires skill!

  • Fantastic Visuals

    3D rendered characters and realistic environments.

  • Upgrade & Customize

    Multiple weapons ranging from the trusty six shooter to a double barrel shotgun.

  • Immersive

    Realistic weather effects and an immersive sound track.

  • Duel With Friends

    PvP game play over local area networks (Wifi required)

  • Multiplatform

    Android v.s. Iphone multiplayer gameplay.